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 ESL / EFL Listening Activities

Here are links to some of the best English quizzes, tests, exercises and puzzles to help you improve your listening skills. They range in difficulty from elementary up to advanced. A good site to visit in order to improve your all round listening skills is the BBC World Service.

Diagnostic Listening Test

Fairly Easy

Mixed Listening Activities

The News in Simplified English (news stories read and reported in simple, easy to understand English)

Pronunciation Poem

Peter's Day

Dictation Practice

A Trip to the Dentists

Baking Bread

My Favourite Restaurant

Fun with Vowel Sounds

A Woman's Diet 

We Say Tomato



The History of Christmas

Holiday in Singapore

Complaints about Food

Animal Sounds

A Night on Mars

Body Parts


More Advanced

Listening Comprehension

Famous Speeches

Choose the Best Answer

Phone and Cars

Thinking About Communism

What to do in England

Shouting Competition

Everyday Conversation

Problems with the USA

Holiday Traditions

Mobile Phone Safety


Night Visitor

Working Girl


Ukrainian Higher Education

Teaching Children

Life in Poland

Marijuana Grower

Words in the News

Listen to Wuthering Heights

Listen to A Christmas Carol

More Listening Activities



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